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Model:  BLADE

Manufacturer:  WMS


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WMS is pleased to unveil the cabinet that embodies evolution: Blade™s32. Combining a revolutionary advance in technology with an innovative form that falls outside the hardware categories you’re familiar with, the Blade s32 cabinet is a player-focused hybrid slant product that is the next generation of slant innovation.

The first things you’ll notice about the Blade s32 cabinet are the two dual 32-inch screens in the style of our Metascreen™ technology. The high-definition displays deliver a premium, high-impact "wow" factor to any slot floor while providing superior player readability. Add premium software options and you have another major gaming innovation. This cabinet comes with a verbose content library that is enabled by a modern and familiar, ergonomic, 10.4-inch, tablet-style button panel with a multi-touch screen for accurate inputs and improved gameplay integration.

  • Superior graphic capabilities and fast boot times
  • Dual 32-inch HD displays with fast refresh rates
  • Stunning bank appearance with dual meta-screen effect
  • High-quality digital audio
  • Superior comfort and ergonomics
  • Generous deck storage space
  • Angled 10.4-inch tablet button panel for improved line-of-sight usability
  • Horizontal emotive lighting
  • Exclusive premium Gaming Operations content 

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