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Beauty, Brains and Brawn.

The IGT CrystalDual™ gaming machine combines industry-leading hardware advancements, IGT’s best-in-class operating system, and unmatched reliability and serviceability. Providing impactful, harmonious and uninterrupted interactions, the IGT CrystalDual™ gaming machine will keep players coming back for more to increase your bottom line.

Benefits and Features

  • Increased ergonomics:
    • Wider cabinet footprint for more personal space
    • Large player panel with increased wrist support
    • Large “Repeat Bet” button that fits nicely in the players hand
    • More leg room
  • Black chrome plating is a modern design element featured on other high-end leading products that players use
  • Cabinet aesthetics and game themes allow players to easily recognize their favorite IGT games
  • Built-in external charging port allows players to charge their phone or other electronic devices at the machine
  • Available in both MLD® and LCD variants
  • Dual 23” displays
  • 4.0 Electronics
    • 4.6X faster than 3.0 Premium Electronics
    • Drives full HD displays
    • Improved 3D graphics performance
  • Dynamic Player Panel:
    • Improved game play content
    • Physical “Repeat Bet” button
    • Player accepted
    • Improved reliability
    • Ability to lock bet panel to eliminate errant screen touches
  • Improved monitor resolution:
    • MLD® version -uses over 2.8M pixels
    • LCD version - uses over 2M pixels
    • Over 750,000 more pixels than the G23/Universal Slant MLD
    • LCD version is uses full HD panels (1920 x 1080)
  • Built with the same tools as the S3000®:
    • Intelligent cabinet lighting
    • Improved attracts and celebrations
    • Sync lights to game experience, music, and sounds
  • Improved access to commonly serviced components:
    • All locks and reset keys are located on the front of the machine
    • Main door access to bill validator head and printer
    • Separate cash box drop door access
    • External air filter access
  • Decreased installation time:
    • EZ-Mount stand mounting
    • Locks located in easy to reach location
    • Integrated grip on top of machine to assist with moving
  • Angled serial tag for easy viewing on wider cabinet
  • Downloadable boots:
    • No more need to open the brainbox and replace boot chips
  • Utilizes current generation electronics chip sets
    • Electronics will be current for years to come
  • Pressurized cabinet to keep interior clean

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