Expo Gaming Booth

Expo Gaming Booth


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Manufacturer:  Worldwide Gaming


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Custom Exhibit Booth For Sale

gaming booth

G2E “Award Winning” Booth at the Global Gaming Expo

This is an amazingly versatile booth!

Standard configuration fits in a 20’ x 20’ space or spread it out to fill 20’ x 40’, 30’ x 40’, or 40’ x 40’


  • Skyline Portable/Modular/Custom Fabrication
  • Booth Size: 20’ x 20’, 20’ x 30’, 20’ x 40’, or 40’ x 40’
  • Height adjustable from 10’ to 20’
  • Award winning appearance
  • Custom containers for shipping and storage
  • Four custom Towers
    • The Towers accommodate TV monitors to attract a larger audience
    • Towers include hidden compartments to house computers to operate monitors
  • State of the art overhead lighting
  • Custom entertainment center with matching paint
  • Storage compartments for literature and any additional supplies
  • Quick and easy assembly and breakdown
  • Custom overhead canopy
  • Custom, self-inflating, and rotating globe

The custom, self-inflating, and rotating globe really makes this exhibit! Your customers and attendees will stop just to look at it in amazement. This globe becomes the talk of the entire show and really stands out. It has a huge impact on your clients and future customers to remember your display and YOU!

Item Description
Type: Portable/Modular/Custom Fabrication
Builder: Skyline
Year Purchased: 2003
Original Price: $122,000.00
Industry Used In: Casino Gaming
Exhibit Size: 20 x 40 ft; default configuration Height adjustable from 10 to 20 ft
Additional Config #1: 20 x 20 ft
Additional Config #2: 20 x 30 ft
Additional Config #3: 30 x 40 ft
Additional Config #4: 40 x 40 ft
Graphics Included: Fabric Banners, Magnetic Graphics, Detachable Graphics
Material: Fabrics, Laminates, Metal, Wood, Vinyl
Components Included: 1 Center Entertainment area

1 Spinning Globe of Earth

4 Counter(s)

4 Tower(s)
4 Workstation(s)

8 Storage compartment (s)

8 Shipping crates

Additional Info:
This booth won the Global Gaming G2E award in Las Vegas!

This beautiful exhibit is in mint condition and has only been used once! Designed for a 20' x 40' space, but easily can be configured for multiple sizes.

Easy to re-brand: All lettering and logos are magnetic that can be removed without damaging the exhibit. This display is spacious, visually stunning from all angles and allows customer traffic to flow in and out from all sides without feeling trapped.  The lighting illuminates all graphic panels and staffing floor space effectively and is quite noticeable from near or far without blinding anyone. The globe is by far the neatest thing anyone will ever see at any expo!

The four tabletops double as a means to display literature or an area to close the deal. Storage compartments work great to hide bulky literature for staff needs and supplies. One person could staff this booth or 6 to 8 members can work in this structure comfortably without inconveniencing traffic flow or each other.

The whole structure: graphics, lighting, cords, trusses & tabletops reduce into small custom containers. There are a total of 2 plastic composite rollaway cases, two plastic composite cases are attachable; four are custom wood crates with locking hasps having fork lift capability.

If you are looking to generate a highly visible and memorable display while allowing a lot of traffic to flow freely,

this booth is for you.

Note: Easily adaptable for any industry or company. The magnetic decals will need to be replaced with your own custom designs.

Additional Products available:
This booth is set up for an audiovisual display. All the computers, monitors, patch cables, brackets and accompany hardware can be purchased at a fair market value. Additionally, there is a black leather couch, love seat, two glass tables, bar stools, and red plush carpet that can be purchased as well!

Cost: $24,995.00 for the complete display. The Globe is extra and not included in this price. Terms are available.  For additional product cost, please inquire. Any other questions Please contact Mr. Bradley Hansen. Worldwide Gaming 640 Hamel Road, Hamel MN 55340

Office: (763)-253-0230 or the e-mail address is: bradley@worldwide-gaming.com

This is a trade show booth that Worldwide Gaming used to promote gaming equipment services at an expo. This is an amazing booth that other companies will envy.


Front of casino booth
Entire front of casino booth.
Drawing of casino booth
This is a drawing of the Worldwide Gaming Casino Booth.
Angle shot of casino booth
This is an angle shot of the booth.
Casino booth
A far away shot of the booth.
Inside shelves of booth.


A leg
A leg table.
Inside Ring of Booth
Inside ring of casino booth.


Casino booth being used
Casino booth being used.
G2e booth
Lights on.
Massive Globe
Massive Globe.
Underside of top
Underside of top.


Worldwide Gaming Exhibit
Worldwide Gaming Exhibit

$38,000 $24,995


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