Slot Machine Repair

Slot Machine Repair/Delivery Charges

  1. Shop Labor Charges:
    1. Solid State Slot Machines (typically post 1991) - $85/hr
    2. Electro-Mechanical (EM) Machines (typically mid 1950's through 1991) - starting at $85/hr
    3. Mechanical (Pre-1950's) - $42.50/hr
  2. Residential Charges
    1. Western Metro Area

       20 mile one way distance

      Go over 40 miles round trip- use Outside Metro Area below

      $ 60.00 for Round Trip

      Plus Fuel Charge/Mileage at: $ .58 mile.

    2. Outside Metro Area

      Beyond 40 mile round trip distance

      $ 50.00 per hour: for one man team.

      $ 85.00 per hour: for two man team.

      Plus Fuel Charge/Mileage at: $ .58 mile.

      Credit card required before delivery

Materials, Accessories, Shipping and Handling Charges

  1. Locks and Keys: Install new cam(s) and door lock(s) to each machine. Cost: $15.00 each
  2. Handling: Machines are fully protected and palletizied with up to 4 machines per pallet
    • 1 Machine: $25.00/pallet
    • 2 - 4 Machines: $35.00/pallet
  3. Shipping: We ship LTL, Full load, container(s), ocean, and air.

Shipping cost is the responsibility of Buyer.

Charges are subject to change.

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